Showpo seeks ambassadors for their new size range that celebrates women of ALL shapes and sizes While diversity and inclusion are common buzzwords in 2018, few spheres have felt the impact of the ‘individual revolution’ as intensely as the world of fashion. With expansive size ranges exploding across department stores and stretch marks and cellulite […]

Valve’s Knuckles EV2 controller will let you squeeze things in VR Valve originally introduced its vertical-grip “Knuckles” controllers for VR in 2016, and shipped working models to developers last year. Now the company sending game makers another version, the EV2, that has revamped buttons, straps and a slew of sensors that essentially translate finger motion […]

Rihanna Had a Hilariously Unfiltered Opinion About Where Diplo’s Music Belonged She’s like the one artist that we can’t ever get,” he said. That’s not to say he hasn’t been in a studio with Rihanna trying to make something happen.